Problem with add-ons after Firefox is updated

After an update of Mozilla Firefox the existing add-ons may not work. This is because the add-ons are different for different versions of Firefox. In such situations updating through the add-on manager will also not be of any help.

However, updates are available on the add-on developers website. In order to access the add-on developers website you have to go to the add-on manager and find the add-ons which are incompatible.

Next to the incompatible add-on, you will find a link on which you have to click this will direct you to the website of the add-on developers. From this website you have to download the latest version of the add-on.

If latest version is not available then the solution would be to look for an alternative that will work for the version of Firefox installed in your device. Get the exact problems diagnosed and resolved with Mozilla Firefox customer care +1-844-831-6648.

Firefox slow, crashes and gives errors frequently

Many a times customers report that Firefox is slow and crashes frequently. This problem definitely needs attention.

To resolve this problem first of all, users must check their computer for viruses and malware. These are known to cause problems like slowness, crashing and errors frequently. Install a good antivirus virus and run a thorough scan of your computer. All harmful elements must be eliminated to ensure proper functioning of Firefox.

If this doesn’t help then Firefox should be opened in Safe mode. To open Firefox in Safe mode, one has to go to menu bar and then access the Help menu. Here you will have to select the option 'Restart with add-ons disabled'. If Firefox doesn’t crash in safe mode it should be understood that the problem is with extensions, themes, hardware acceleration. Troubleshoot these problems to determine the cause.

But it is always better to restore Firefox to factory settings before going through the lengthy process of troubleshooting.

Even after all these if the problem remains unresolved, check RAM for errors with the help of a suitable on-line tool. To get expert help o this you must get in touch with Mozilla Firefox customer Service Number +1-844-831-6648.

Can’t access secure website error message

While on internet one has to use several third party tools for various reasons. These tools can intercept secure internet browsing in order to decrypt secure traffic to provide some added functionality. These tools then provide SHA-1certificate. Firefox, however, doesn’t accept this certificate and users receive error message SEC ERROR CERT SIGNATURE ALGORITHM DISABLED.

The problem is when all real certificates are replaced by the SHA-1 certificate and so whenever you visit an https website you will get this error. Users can overcome this complicated problem very easily.

All one needs to do is install the latest version of Firefox from the website of Firefox

You will not be able to complete this process using a Firefox browser which is already affected. Either you will have to use an unaffected copy of Firefox or a different browser. If you are still not able to resolve the issue a Call to Mozilla Firefox Phone Number +1-844-831-6648 will be definitely helpful.

The easiest solutions to troubleshoot diverse Firefox problems

Last but not the least, a variety of problems can be resolved by following these steps. One should follow the steps in order, in order to troubleshoot the problems related to Firefox.

If this solution doesn’t work then the second should be tried and if the problem with mans unresolved then the Mozilla Firefox Phone Support Team should be contacted. In case of problems with Firefox, users should first restart their computer and see if the problem related to Firefox is resolved.

If the problem remains unresolved then the user should delete cookies and cache in the browser. If this also doesn’t help then one should try to restart Firefox in safe mode.

When this doesn’t work it means there are problems with extensions or plugins. Then the next option would be to troubleshoot the plugins when all these solutions fail then users have to reinstall Firefox.

How to avoid malfunctioning of Firefox

To help Firefox perform better users should always install latest version of Firefox and use an operating system that is compatible with Firefox.

One must always keep their devices in best condition by regularly eliminating Malware and viruses from the computer.

It is always advisable to upgrade Firefox from time to time as and when the upgrades are available, but these upgrades may not be available for very old version of operating systems. To troubleshoot diverse Firefox related problems Contact Mozilla Firefox helpline Number +1-844-831-6648.